High-resolution miniature FTIR spectrometer enabled by a large linear travel MEMS pop-up mirror

Erik R. Deutsch, David Reyes, Elliot R. Schildkraut, Jinhong Kim, Mark A. Druy, Christopher D. Brown, Richard A. Crocombe
2009 Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies II  
This paper reports the design, fabrication, and characterization of a millimeter diameter, surface micromachined Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) mirror, which is assembled perpendicular to the substrate and can be linearly and repeatedly traversed through 600 m. The moving mirror, when combined with a fixed mirror and beamsplitter, make up a monolithic MEMS Michelson interferometer; all are made on the same substrate and in the same surface micromachined fabrication process. The
more » ... rocess. The beamsplitter has been specifically designed such that the motion of the mirror enables modulation of light over the 2-14 m spectral region. The rapid scan MEMS Michelson interferometer is the engine behind a miniaturized, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) absorption spectrometer. The FTIR measures the absorption of infrared (IR) radiation by a target material, which can be used for the detection and identification of gases, liquids, or solids. The fabrication of the mirror with the ability to displace 600 m along the optical axis enables the miniaturized system to have species identification resolution, while leveraging wafer scale batch fabrication to enable extremely low system cost. The successful fabrication of the millimeter diameter mirrors and beamsplitter with interferometric alignment over the range of travel of the moving mirror promises unprecedented sensitivity relative to the size of the FTIR spectrometer system.
doi:10.1117/12.818862 fatcat:uzxbmz3sgvfbxoeq7oc3rtqbfu