Bright - Proposed Family of Lightweight Block Ciphers for IoT-Enabled Smart Environment

Lightweight security algorithms are tailored for resource-constrained environment. To improve the efficiency of an algorithm, usually, a tradeoff is involved in lightweight cryptography in terms of its memory requirements and speed. This paper proposes a software-oriented new family of lightweight block ciphers, BRIGHT. Proposed family of ciphers support a range of block and key sizes for constraint environment. BRIGHT family has 6 variants and all variants fulfill Strict Avalanche Criteria and
more » ... key sensitivity test. It is believed that BRIGHT family of ciphers provides better security and performance in IoT-enabled smart environment. Our aim, while designing BRIGHT is to enhance the cipher for IoT applications. For this, we have used the concept of key whitening that helps to resist against attacks like MITM and brute-force. Round permutation in BRIGHT results in stronger and faster diffusion and provides resistance against linear, differential, impossible differential, related-key rectangle, biclique, MITM, and statistical saturation attack which is likely to be applied to GFN based ciphers. BRIGHT using round constant thwarts attacks like rotational cryptanalysis, self-similarity, invariant attack, related-key attacks, and weak key attacks.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.i7778.078919 fatcat:4w7yxfomwnaazl63fsb6i3hvcy