A Pilot Study of an Electromagnetic Field for Control of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling and Scaling During Brackish Groundwater Desalination

Wenbin Jiang, Xuesong Xu, Lu Lin, Huiyao Wang, Randall Shaw, Daniel Lucero, Pei Xu
2019 Water  
This study investigated the effects of an electromagnetic field (EMF) on control of membrane fouling and scaling during desalination of brackish groundwater using a pilot reverse osmosis (RO) skid. The groundwater was primarily CaSO4 type with a total dissolved solids concentration of 5850 mg/L and hardness of 2500 mg/L as CaCO3. Two EMF devices were installed in the pipeline before a cartridge filter and in the RO feed inlet to induce an electric signal of ±150 kHz to the groundwater. The
more » ... oundwater. The effects of EMF on membrane scaling were evaluated under accelerated conditions, i.e., without pH adjustment and addition of antiscalant. Two-phase experiments were conducted: Phase 1 (376 h) with the EMF devices turned on after 150 h baseline operation; and Phase 2 (753 h) with the EMF devices turned on from the beginning of testing. The EMF significantly reduced membrane scaling and improved RO performance by 38.3% and 14.3% in terms of normalized water permeability decline rate after 150 h and 370 h operation, respectively. Membrane autopsy results indicated that the fouling layer formed under the influence of EMF was loose with a low density and was easily removed by hydraulic flushing.
doi:10.3390/w11051015 fatcat:y5xn4dytcbaqdomsxgolpdjsx4