Big Data: Technologies, Trends and Applications

Sudhakar Singh, Pankaj Singh, Rakhi Garg, P Mishra
Big Data is an excessive amount of imprecise data in variety of formats generated from variety of sources with rapid speed. It is most buzzed terms among researcher, industry and academia. Big Data is not only limited to data perspective but it has been emerged as a stream that includes associated technologies, tools and real word applications. The objective of this paper is to provide a simple, comprehensive and brief introduction of Big Data to the beginners in subject. In this paper, we
more » ... this paper, we provide an overview of Hadoop and its sub-projects and a brief review of various developed technologies for Big Data. We also discuss some recent trends and eminent applications in Big Data. Although this paper does not touch each and every dimension of Big Data as it is not possible to make it in a single paper but essential aspects are covered, which may benefit to the people new in Big Data world.