Design and Implementation of Continuing Education Online Training System Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Shihua Zheng, Shadi Aljawarneh
2022 Mobile Information Systems  
With the continuous development and maturity of artificial intelligence algorithms, there are more cross-concepts in continuing education, so continuing education has begun to develop on the Internet. The continuing education online training system realizes nonreal-time teaching methods, breaks the limitations of time and space, solves the conflict between continuing education engineering and learning, and promotes the sharing of high-quality teaching resources. However, the current continuing
more » ... ducation online training system has many defects and imperfections. For example, many continuing education colleges only consider building resources and teaching forms to design online learning systems, and these high-quality resources and teaching forms are difficult to be effectively utilized. Based on this background, this paper establishes a continuing education online training system combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, which is divided into course management, question bank management, learning management, homework management, question-and-answer management, online learning process monitoring management, basic data management, system management, etc. Then, by matching the relevance of the above courses, individual courses are recommended for students to complete the continuing online training education. The system has been highly appraised by the majority of students. The user said that the system can effectively solve practical problems, which is known for the effectiveness of the system design in this paper, thus providing reasonable help for improving the teaching quality. In this paper, we deeply study artificial intelligence algorithms and apply them to the field of continuing education to design a new type of online education system.
doi:10.1155/2022/5465340 fatcat:r56j5s7xujf3dhqj7ix6itxqt4