A Simple Integral Method for Thick Boundary Layer for Predicting Axial Velocity Distribution around Ship Stern (2nd Report)
厚い境界層の積分型解法による船尾流れの推定 (第2報)

Hisao TANAKA, Yasuyuki TODA, Aiji FUJITA, Yoichiro SUZUKI
1994 Journal of the Kansai Society of Naval Architects, Japan  
The authors presented a rlew 三 ntegral rne し hod for thick bourユdary layer in the previQus pa − per .ヤ1scid sしern flow fie ! d aro 照 d fine ship is predlcted well by this me し hod. In this papcr , the au む hors show two examples irl wh 孟 ch the method is appliecl to practical ship hull form. C) 1】eis f! ow around fine prac し ical ship ( S〔}rios 60 , C , メ ; O . 6 ) whll free sLlrface , an 〔 l the other is 捫ow ar 〔 ,un 〔 1 「 LLII pr 』 acticl 土1 ship ( SR ⊥ 96 Series) ,Cumparing with experimental
more » ... data , difference of Froude number or ship hul] shape are reflected welhn the obtairle 〔 i results 、1t is possible to select the good hu 且for 『 m based Qn tile calculatcd resu [ ts.
doi:10.14856/kansaiks.222.0_1 fatcat:gidcgx7ovrdyhpwqz6rrkkidva