Convergence model of AI and IoT for virus disease control system

Sungho Sim, Myeongyun Cho
2021 Personal and Ubiquitous Computing  
Recently, virus diseases, such as SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and COVID-19, continue to emerge and pose a severe public health problem. These diseases threaten the lives of many people and cause serious social and economic losses. Recent developments in information technology (IT) and connectivity have led to the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in many industries. These industries, where IoT and AI together are making significant impacts, are the
more » ... hcare and the diagnosis department. In addition, by actively communicating with smart devices and various biometric sensors, it is expanding its application fields to telemedicine, healthcare, and disease prevention. Even though existing IoT and AI technologies can enhance disease detection, monitoring, and quarantine, their impact is very limited because they are not integrated or applied rapidly to the emergence of a sudden epidemic. Especially in the situation where infectious diseases are rapidly spreading, the conventional methods fail to prevent large-scale infections and block global spreads through prediction, resulting in great loss of lives. Therefore, in this paper, various sources of infection information with local limitations are collected through virus disease information collector, and AI analysis and severity matching are performed through AI broker. Finally, through the Integrated Disease Control Center, risk alerts are issued, proliferation block letters are sent, and post-response services are provided quickly. Suppose we further develop the proposed integrated virus disease control model. In that case, it will be possible to proactively detect and warn of risk factors in response to infectious diseases that are rapidly spreading worldwide and strengthen measures to prevent spreading of infection in no time.
doi:10.1007/s00779-021-01577-6 pmid:34121979 pmcid:PMC8183316 fatcat:q4lfeqka2vcdhp6c45p7ak45da