The Conductance of the Alkali Halides

Giuseppe Petrella, Maurizio Castagnolo
1973 Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung A-A Journal of Physical Sciences  
The conductometric behaviour, at 35 °C, of solutions of lithium chloride in sulfolane-methanol mixtures was investigated, the concentration of the salt ranging within 0.8 x 10Using the Fuoss, Onsager and Skinner treatment, the parameters ⋀An increase of the Waiden products with the sulfolane content of the solution was observed as well as an non-coulomb behaviour of the association constant. Data are discussed and interpreted on the basis of ion transfer energies and the properties of the solute and the solvent mixtures.
doi:10.1515/zna-1973-0718 fatcat:5ulhkj63wbd7xil2mtpfjavivm