The eightfold way model, the SU(3)-flavor model and the medium–strong interaction

Syed Afsar Abbas
2015 Modern Physics Letters A  
Lack of any baryon number in the Eightfold Way model, and its intrinsic presence in the SU(3)-flavour model, has been a puzzle since the genesis of these models in [1961][1962][1963][1964]. In this paper we show that this is linked to the way that the adjoint representation is defined mathematically for a Lie algebra, and how it manifests itself as a physical representation. This forces us to distinguish between the global and the local charges and between the microscopic and the macroscopic
more » ... els. As a bonus, a consistent understanding of the hitherto mysterious medium-strong interaction is achieved. We also gain a new perspective on how confinement arises in Quantum Chromodynamics.
doi:10.1142/s0217732315500509 fatcat:r54qukpr7fbffasuybkcp2xrza