Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management A Publication of the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management Using the strategy map as a strategic communication tool in higher education: A case study of Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Michał Pietrzak
The governments are often engaged in the higher education sector, which is justified by the need for support in creating and upgrading human capital and scientific knowledge-the key production factors in the New Economy era. However, universities-as well as other public organizations-are commonly criticized for lack of effectiveness and efficiency. The New Public Management concept claims that public sector organizations should try to use management tools and techniques to better accomplish the
more » ... tter accomplish the requirements of their stakeholders. After a period of an enormous growth the higher education system in Poland is actually faced with a set of serious challenges. In order to meet the requirements of accountability, performance measurement and strategic planning, Polish universities can use the Balanced Scorecard and the tools developed in this methodology, such as the strategy map. As it was illustrated by the case study of the biggest life sciences university in Poland-the strategy map could be a helpful technique for communicating the strategic intent of such a public organization. It could be also useful as an input for the performance measurement and subsequently for the strategy execution system. The adaptation of such tools requires some modifications, but expected benefits could justify such an effort.