Implementation of the intensity category in suffixal adjectives
Реализация категории интенсивности в суффиксальных прилагательных

Liu Fangfang, Kazan Federal University
2021 Philology and Culture  
The article analyzes categorical-derivational and semantic features of adjectives with the suffixesоват-, -охоньк-, -ошеньк--ейщ-/-айш-, -ат-, -аст-, -ист-, which are used to express the semantics of 'intensity' and are considered as a means of realizing the intensity category in the modern Russian language. The relevance of the study is determined by the importance of the meaning 'intensity' in the Russianspeaking national community and the insufficient understanding of the role that the
more » ... ormation plays in realizing the attributive function of the intensity category. Based on the analysis, the article draws a conclusion that in Russian the intensity category is realized by means of two derivational categories: modificational and mutational. In derivatives of the modification category, the intensity is presented in a pure form, not complicated by additional components; while in the mutational category, the intensity of derivatives appears in conjunction with the meaning of objectivity. The modificational category is a direct and more vivid means of expressing the intensity category in Russian than the corresponding mutational category. Moreover, both categories have large semantic information and developed formal structures, which reflect a high degree of their importance in the linguistic consciousness of Russian speakers. The practical significance of the work is the systematization of a significant number of linguistic means, used to express the category of intensity. The article is intended for persons specializing in the field of word formation of the Russian language: derivatologists, young researchers, teachers of philological faculties.
doi:10.26907/2074-0239-2021-64-2-30-34 fatcat:oegsxvdwz5hldait5kzm77bcdy