The Phenomenology of Alcoholism Labelling: the Internalization of the Label in Treated Alcoholics in Croatia

Erik Brezovec, Zoran Zoričić, Marija Klarić Markus
2019 Archives of Psychiatry Research  
This research paper originates from the phenomenological analysis of labelling alcoholism and its individual internalization. Using a qualitative method of focus groups, the meaning and experience of an alcoholic label in Croatia was researched. Using a model of the response to treatment, it can be discussed how the significance of the label is realized in different contextual links. In the model, the relationship between personal choice and an encouraging environment, personal choice and a
more » ... ormist environment and a lack of personal choice with a negative prefix on the surrounding factors are discussed. The basic starting point of the research paper lies in the hypotheses of the existence of par excellance reality, the reality of everyday life and the forms that are tied to it. However, an individual situationally estimates the significance of those forms and characteristically self-internalizes them. Even though it has a phenomenological analysis in its roots, the research paper characterises the duality of structure and action regarding the label of alcoholism. The supposed reality of everyday life and its relationship with alcoholism are not enough for social functionality of the alcoholic label. Subjectification, that is, internalization of the label is needed in order to achieve purpose and meaning.
doi:10.20471/dec.2019.55.02.06 fatcat:eikxo5yu6zehnjauala5pwxt5q