Comprehensive Evaluation on Employee Satisfaction of Mine Occupational Health and Safety Management System Based on Improved AHP and 2-Tuple Linguistic Information

Jiangdong Bao, Jan Johansson, Jingdong Zhang
2017 Sustainability  
In order to comprehensively evaluate the employee satisfaction of mine occupational health and safety management system, an analytic method based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and 2-tuple linguistic model was established. Based on the establishment of 5 first-grade indicators and 20 second-grade ones, method of improved AHP and the time-ordered Weighted Averaging Operator (T-OWA) model is constructed. The results demonstrate that the employee satisfaction of the mine occupational health
more » ... d safety management system is of the 'general' rank. The method including the evaluation of employee satisfaction and the quantitative analysis of language evaluation information ensures the authenticity of the language evaluation information. subscript of the language phrase [4]. However, these methods cannot match the results accurately to the initial language evaluation. However, the evaluation of employee satisfaction is a kind of subjective value judgment, which is fuzzy and uncertain. During the evaluation, it is usually difficult for the participants to accurately determine the degree of satisfaction with precise numbers or language, and the acquired language information is usually not directly involved in mathematical calculating, resulting in a loss of information and accuracy [5] . Herrera and Martínez [6] put forward 2-tuple linguistic information and the corresponding aggregation operator for the first time, which can solve the defects of the above methods, and can ensure the integrity and authenticity of the information in the process of language information gathering and processing. Therefore, this paper applies 2-tuple linguistic information processing method integrated with method of improved AHP which can ensure the reliability of the indicator weight. The feasibility and effectiveness of the method is verified by a case.
doi:10.3390/su9010133 fatcat:2g4rybojcjeexpowkmhspzqtfm