The ($\gamma * \to q\overline q$) Reggeon vertex in next-to-leading order QCD [report]

Jochen Bartels, S. Gieseke, C. F. Qiao
As a first step towards the computation of the NLO corrections to the photon impact factor in the $\gamma^*\gamma^* \to \gamma^* \gamma^*$ scattering process, we calculate the one loop corrections to the coupling of the reggeized gluon to the $\gamma^*\to q\bar{q}$ vertex. We list the results for the Feynman diagrams which contribute: all loop integrations are carried out, and the results are presented in the helicity basis of photon, quark, and antiquark.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2017-01623 fatcat:t2mplw6hyfhwlnpvtuwnuvuwr4