1927 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
The plane quintic with five cusps, by M. Lehr; The convergence of general means and the invariance of form of certain frequency functions, by E. L. Dodd; On the interpolatory properties of a linear combination of continuous functions, by D. V. Widder; Note on Tschebycheff approximation, by D. V. Widder; Generalization of Waring 1 s theorem on fourth, sixth, and eighth powers, by L. E. Dickson; On complete systems of irrational invariants of associated point sets, by C. M. Huber; Regular maps
more » ... their groups, by H. R. Brahana; The groups belonging to a linear associative algebra, by A. Ranum. The July, 1927, number of the Annals of Mathematics (series 2, volume 28, No. 3) contains: Sextic surfaces with a double septimic curve, by B. C. Wong; Determination of a basis f or the integral elements of certain generalized quaternion algebras, by M. D. Darkow; Expansions in Bes sel functions, by M. H. Stone; On the Green's function for systems of differential equations, by W. M. Whyburn; On Lame families of surfaces, by C. E. Weatherburn; Derivation of the Fredholm theory from a differential equation of infinite order, by H. T. Davis; Asymptotic expression for the probability of trials connected in a chain, by E. D. Pepper; On certain indefinite quaternary forms representing all integers, by C. G. Latimer; Application of algebraic number theory to congruences involving binomial coefficients, by H. S. Vandiver; Ternary quadratic forms and congruences, by L. E. Dickson; Correspondences between algebraic curves, by S. Lefschetz; On the existence and properties of the solutions of a certain differential equation of the second order, by T. H. Gronwall; A new definition of almost periodic functions, by N. Wiener; A theory of integers, in relation to the iteration of algebraic functions, by O. E. Glenn; On systems of total differential equations, by J. M. Thomas; On positive solutions of a system of linear equations, by L. L. Dines; On completely signed sets of functions, by L. L. Dines; Concerning continuous curves and correspondences, by W. L. Ay res.
doi:10.1090/s0002-9904-1927-04492-5 fatcat:wkjdxiwifze67hpj4hkhiysycy