A Thermodynamic Approach to Measuring Entropy in a Few-Electron Nanodevice [post]

Eugenia Pyurbeeva, Jan Mol
2021 unpublished
The entropy of a system gives a powerful insight into its microscopic degrees of freedom, however standard experimental ways of measuring entropy through heat capacity are hard to apply to nanoscale systems, as they require the measurement of increasingly small amounts of heat. Two alternative entropy measurement methods have been recently proposed for nanodevices: through charge balance measurements and transport properties. We describe a self-consistent thermodynamic framework for treating
more » ... ork for treating few-electron nanodevices which incorporates both existing entropy measurement methods, whilst highlighting several ongoing misconceptions. We show that both methods can be described as special cases of a more general relation and prove its applicability in systems with complex microscopic dynamics – those with many excited states of various degeneracies.
doi:10.20944/preprints202104.0609.v1 fatcat:32m5pvebyfaonaf5sok2x7ur24