A Novel Hybrid GWO-BFO Approach for Load Frequency Control Problem

Suman Patel, Rajesh Patel, Student, Electrical Engineering
This paper analyzed a competitive way to solve load frequency control problems by means of Grey wolf Optimization (GWO) technique. The technique is an original meta-heuristic motivated by grey wolves. The arrangement of pecking and method of hunting of the grey wolves is emulated in GWO. In this paper two units of thermal system with reheat turbines are taken into consideration. The values that are integral gain, tie line power, frequency coefficient are taken into notice as the adjustable
more » ... the adjustable parameters. These parameters are anticipated all the way through optimization method with the plan to decrease the Area Control Error (ACE).The projected method shows the effectiveness to resolve load frequency control problems at a variety of operating circumstances. The gains of GWO are also being compared with hybrid technique GWO-BFO and it shows that optimized values with hybrid technique are better to solve load frequency control problems.