Intra-regional social systems: cases of the Maritime Silk Road around the South China Sea Rim

Guoqing Ma
2017 International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology  
The South China Sea Rim is a core area of the Maritime Silk Road, ranging from South and Southwest China to Southeast Asia. It has developed a cultural landscape in which all parties are interdependent through very complex processes of ethnic communication and social interaction. In this temporal-spatial process, the cultural exchanges occurring in this area are not only shaping the cultural ecologies of those involved but also integrating their societies. The networked inter/inter-regional
more » ... al systems lay a methodological foundation on which the South China Sea Rim is dealt with as a whole. These social systems can be defined as a social unit, transcending the lower levels of family, community, ethnic group, nation and transnational region and making up a significant component of the global society. This concept presents a new research pathway to the interpretation of "community of a shared future for mankind" and the "Belt and Road Initiative".
doi:10.1186/s41257-017-0005-8 fatcat:o63wb7dlgndb7d6vnd5ddu5hra