Muntjac chromosome evolution and architecture [article]

Austin B. Mudd, Jessen V. Bredeson, Rachel Baum, Dirk Hockemeyer, Daniel S. Rokhsar
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractDespite their recent divergence, muntjac deer show striking karyotype differences. Here we describe new chromosome-scale genome assemblies for the Chinese and Indian muntjacs, Muntiacus reevesi (2n=46) and Muntiacus muntjak (2n=6/7), and analyze their evolution and architecture. We identified six fusion events shared by both species relative to the cervid ancestor and therefore present in the muntjac common ancestor, six fusion events unique to the M. reevesi lineage, and twenty-six
more » ... on events unique to the M. muntjak lineage. One of these M. muntjak fusions reverses an earlier fission in the cervid lineage. Although comparative Hi-C analysis revealed differences in long-range genome contacts and A/B compartment structures, we discovered widespread conservation of local chromatin contacts between the muntjacs, even near the fusion sites. A small number of genes involved in chromosome maintenance show evidence for rapid evolution, possibly associated with the dramatic changes in karyotype. Analysis of muntjac genomes reveals new insights into this unique case of rapid karyotype evolution and the resulting biological variation.
doi:10.1101/772343 fatcat:lz7ebxgkejfwjkgmj2eve3szmy