The Oppressed Disability Sees The Music

2021 Journal of Arts, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences  
In the perspective of finding new ways of helping the deaf community, specifically in helping them understand music, this article introduces a new method of linking sounds to colors according to HK scale (abbreviation: Hadda and Karim). This scale is based on a direct calculation method shifting the frequency of an audible musical note to reach the frequency of a known-colored light. The physical medium in which the sound wave (10Hz-20kHz) propagates, such as air or steel, is taken into
more » ... taken into consideration to calculate its high order harmonic in the visible light range (400-700nm). HK scale associates to each note of music a color. This new method allows the creation of beautiful drawings as interpretation of musical pieces in a scientific way not based only on Synaesthesia. Some artworks of what music looks like are presented in the article, Beethoven sonata No. 14 (piano) for the listener and for the deaf, and the Bahraini National Anthem for the listener and for the deaf. This technique could be used to communicate with deaf people. It shows how important Art could be used in our daily life in different area. It means that Art is life.
doi:10.33193/jalhss.66.2021.474 fatcat:22a4egltpvcazcyp75h7tyxh7a