MISE AU POINT Surmenage ou sous-menage: stress dangereux pour la santé Fatigue en cas de burnout et boreout

Toni Brühlmann
Fatigue in burnout and boreout When employing the terms burnout or boreout, one should take into account modern working conditions. They are the product of neo­capitalist economic devel­ opment, meaning competition, competitive thinking, market analyses, global outsourcing, etc. An individual employee enjoys recognition and entitlement particu­ larly based on his performance figures and position, ac­ quired through rivalry with other employees. When one is needed and viewed as important, this
more » ... s important, this reinforces one's job identity. One's narcissistic balance therefore greatly depends upon one's range of performance. If demands are too great, this may cause overload and burnout. If one's possibilities are limited, this may result in under­ stimulation and boreout. Both may lead to psychophysi­ cal fatigue. Distinguishing between burnout fatigue and boreout fatigue opens the door to better understanding and targeted measures.