Striatal extracellular levels of dopamine and its metabolites during kainate-induced limbic seizures in freely-moving rats measured by brain microdialysis
カイニン酸誘発けいれんにおける細胞外ドパミン量の経時的変化 -脳内微小透析法を用いた実験的研究-

1991 Okayama Igakkai Zasshi (Journal of Okayama Medical Association)  
To investigate the role of brain dopaminergic systems in epilepsy, striatal extracellular levels of dopamins (DA) and its metabolites (3, 4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid: DOPAC and homovanillic acid: HVA) were measured during kainate-induced limbic seizures in freely moving rats, using brain microdialysis. DA and its metabolites were measured by high performance liquid chromatography. Systemic injection of kainate (10mg/kg, i. p.), which caused stable limbic seizures, significantly decreased the
more » ... vels of DA and its metabolites. Intrahippocampal injection of kainae (2.5nmol), which also caused limbic seizures, significant ly decreased only the DA levels, while DOPAC and HVA levels were unchanged. Similar to the results of the systemic injectjon, intrastriatal perfusion of kainate (10-2 or 10-6M) significant ly decreased the levels of DA, DOPAC and HVA in a dose-dependent manner. These findings indicate that, during kainate-induced limbic seizures, DA release was significantly reduced in the striatum. In conclusion, the hypofunction of striatal dopaminergic systems is related to the initiation and progress in epileptic seizures.
doi:10.4044/joma1947.103.7-8_769 fatcat:d5lb6idfqvgtjnck3ktv5ecnpq