Some Curious Phases of Chinese Journalism

1910 Scientific American  
case of the smaller guns. This point is brought out in Captain Semen off's book, and no doubt in a measure accounts for the large proportionate effect produced by the Japanese 6-inch guns. The question of sec ondary armament is, as Sir William said, a vital one, and in view of the decided course taken by other navies should be carefully reconsidered.-The EngI neer. SIR J. J-THOMSON ON GOLF BALLS. IN a recent lecture at the Royal Institution Sir J. J. Thomson discussed the "Dynamics of a Golf
more » ... namics of a Golf Ball," in which he said, that various explanations of the behav ior of golf balls had been put forward, and if all of these were sound his lecture should be exceptionally interesting, for he would have to enunciate a new theory of dynamics. It sometimes seemed that the better the golfer the worse his dynamics; if the con-
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