Proper Motion of Pulsar B1800−21

W. F. Brisken, M. Carrillo‐Barragan, S. Kurtz, J. P. Finley
2006 Astrophysical Journal  
We report high angular resolution, multi-epoch radio observations of the young pulsar PSR B1800-21. Using two pairs of data sets, each pair spanning approximately a ten year period, we calculate the proper motion of the pulsar. We obtain a proper motion of mu_alpha=11.6 +- 1.8 mas/yr, mu_delta=14.8 +- 2.3 mas/yr, which clearly indicates a birth position at the extreme edge of the W30 supernova remnant. Although this does not definitively rule out an association of W30 and PSR B1800-21, it does not support an association.
doi:10.1086/507765 fatcat:5sgwohqhrzcgpfg3dsxadppj6y