Carrier transport and confinement in polarization-induced three-dimensional electron slabs: Importance of alloy scattering in AlGaN

John Simon, Albert (Kejia) Wang, Huili Xing, Siddharth Rajan, Debdeep Jena
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
By exploiting the difference in spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization between GaN and compositionally graded layers of strained AlGaN, we demonstrate three-dimensional electron slabs of tunable widths ͑30-100 nm͒ and densities ͑1-5 ϫ 10 18 cm 3 ͒. Removal of ionized impurity scattering results in relatively high mobilities limited by alloy scattering at low temperatures, and by a combination of alloy and polar optical phonon scattering at room temperature. Owing to the tunable
more » ... tron interactions in such slabs, they offer an ideal system to probe high-field transport physics in the III-V nitride semiconductors in general, and the hot-phonon effect in particular.
doi:10.1063/1.2168253 fatcat:vthev7dxvff3dnu6ta5dbyqlte