Experimental Investigation of Impact Response of RC Slabs with a Sandy Soil Cushion Layer

Jianli Wu, Guotao Ma, Zhenhua Zhou, Xuefeng Mei, Xiewen Hu, Payam Shafigh
2021 Advances in Civil Engineering  
The impact response of reinforced-concrete (RC) slabs covered with a sandy soil cushion layer was investigated using an outdoor rockfall impact test platform. Impact tests were carried out by releasing rockfalls with different weights from different heights to impact a combined structure. Test data included the acceleration duration curve of the rockfall, strain of the concrete slab at multiple measuring points, and midpoint displacement duration curve of the slab. The test results showed an
more » ... esults showed an exponential relationship between the impact force acting on the cushion layer surface and cushion layer thickness. An empirical formula was used to calculate the maximum penetration, and the result was in good agreement with the test value. In addition, the attenuation rate of the impact force acting on the cushion layer increased exponentially with the increase in the cushion layer thickness, and the peak impact force could be attenuated by approximately 70% at a thickness of 0.6 m. Finally, the failure process and failure modes of the RC slabs were investigated.
doi:10.1155/2021/1562158 fatcat:qtifp2y5cvbr7eva3ivxjl5ixy