A Simplified Method for Evaluating the Diaphragm Flexibility for Frame-Shear Wall Structure under Earthquake Load

Yuan Huang, Xiaoli Zhang, Lizhuan Wang, Xiaofang Hu
2023 Buildings  
The rigid floor assumption is commonly used in structural design, but it is not applicable to buildings with a large plane aspect ratio. This study designed nine frame-shear wall structures with the story of 3, 6, and 12, with a plane aspect ratio of 2, 3.33, and 4. Based on the design results, the finite element models were set up by ETABS. Both the rigid diaphragm and the flexible diaphragm cases were considered in each model. The effect of elastic diaphragm deformation on structural seismic
more » ... erformance was investigated, including fundamental period, top displacement, inter-story drift, and base shear force. The results indicate that the diaphragm deformation on 3-story structures is more significant than that on 6-story and 12-story structures. The diaphragm in-plane deformation increases with the aspect ratio. On the basis of the analysis results, a simplified formula to calculate the internal force amplification factor and a quantitative assessment method for evaluating the diaphragm flexibility were proposed, which can provide a reference for engineering design.
doi:10.3390/buildings13020376 fatcat:s2uwjzugsndrjmkmmsc6a2o27m