Development Of An Intelligent Speed Adaption System Based On Segmentation Incorporating A Central Surveillance Unit

Md Zunaid Baten, Emran Amin, Imran Faruque, Md Gaffar
In this paper, we review the research findings of the Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) system and propose an effective way of implementing this technique in developed, as well as developing countries with reasonable system reliability. Instead of digital mapping, we focus on widespread implementation of a road safety system by way of dividing the road transportation links of a vast region into segments. Besides support towards widespread implementation , the system has been designed to provide
more » ... nhanced storage performance and simple to implement real time data update capability. The overall scheme has been developed as an organized intercon-nection between subsystems and databases to ensure that essential data transmission to and from the moving vehicle occurs such that the safety of the road is enhanced. The design also incorporates the idea of a central surveillance unit which would not only store the data related to coordinates , corresponding speed limits and speed limit violators but also aid close supervision of running vehicles, thereby serving the supplementary task of improving homeland security.