CyPLOS: a new family of synthetic ionophores

Sabina Licen, Cinzia Coppola, Jennifer D'Onofrio, Daniela Montesarchio, Paolo Tecilla
2009 Organic and biomolecular chemistry  
Ionophoric activities 1. General Procedures. L-α-phosphatidyl-DL-glycerol sodium salt (EYPG, 20 mg/mL chloroform solution) and 1,2-dipalmitoylsn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DPPC, 20 mg/mL chloroform solution) was purchased from Avanti Polar Lipids; egg yolk phosphatidylcholine (EYPC, 100 mg/mL chloroform solution), calcein, 8hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt (HPTS), carbonyl cyanide 4-(trifluoromethoxy)phenylhydrazone (FCCP), were from Sigma; Triton ® X-100 and HEPES buffer were
more » ... from Fluka; L-Glu from Acros; all salts were of the best grade available from Aldrich and were used without further purification. Ultra-filtration was performed on Microcon ® YM-10 filters from Millipore. Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) was performed using Sephadex TM G-75 or pre-packed columns Sephadex TM G-25 M (PD-10) from Amersham Biosciences. Liposomes were prepared by extrusion using a 10 mL Lipex TM Thermobarrel EXTRUDER (Northern Lipids Inc.) connected to a thermostatic bath (25°C if not otherwise indicated). The 100 μm polycarbonate membranes are Nucleopore Track-Etch Membranes from Whatman. Fluorescence spectra were recorded on Perkin-Elmer LS-50B fluorimeter, 23 Na-NMR-spectra on Jeol GX-270 spectrometer (270 MHz) and UV spectra on Unicam heλios β UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Fluorimetric experiments were conducted at 25°C if not otherwise indicated, 23 Na-NMR experiments were conducted at 27°C. The ionophores concentration is given in percent with respect to the total concentration of lipids. Mother solutions of ionophores were prepared in methanol. Control experiments showed that the amount of methanol added to the vesicular suspension in the different experiments (maximum amount 1.0 % in volume) did not affect the permeability of the membrane. Supplementary Material (ESI)
doi:10.1039/b820906e pmid:19262921 fatcat:kgr4h4roifc4fgufy3b3wpkzea