Study of the causes of engine failure in ship and maintenance required to prevent engine failure

Chandra Sekhar Mishra, Fanar Ali, Samson Adam
2017 International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review  
Failure is the malfunction of engine components. There are tremendous factors which contribute to fail the engine. For example poor design, contaminated fuel, unskilled manpower, lack of proper maintenance, long running hours, poor quality of fuel, poor fuel management technique, lack of vigilance and modification of the part. The entire above mentioned are made to fail the engine. In order to avoid such things our project study provides an idea to the personnel in charge of the engine room how
more » ... they could use and apply the proper maintenance. Because maintenance is minimizing the chances of failure. If that so the component should inspect or maintain at the correct time. Especially preventive type of maintenance must be applied than the others. Preventive maintenance is the easiest and least expensive type of maintenance. It keeps records of regularly scheduled maintenance. It also uses the correct fuel, lubricating oil and coolant in the engine as specified in maintenance specifications. It also gives idea how proper fuel management technique like doing bunkering in proper manner should be done to prevent engine failure and also to prevent pollution. The operation reliability of the diesel engine is mostly affected by wear and corrosion. To avoid abnormal operation of the diesel engine, we recommend that complete overhaul should be carried out according to maintenance manual or schedule. We hope it should be minimized from time to time when the operators get aware of the cause of it. Definitely through time every engine component deteriorate its efficiency after accomplishing several task but doing so our aim is to increase the service life of the engine and we believed that it would be minimized if the operator understood the consequence of the failure. Moreover, if failure is minimized, service life of the engine increase, life of the ship saved and damage of component as well as cost is saved. Chandra Sekhar Mishra et al, Study of the Causes of Engine Failure in Ship and Maintenance Required to Prevent Engine Failure
doi:10.15520/ijcrr/2017/8/07/258 fatcat:sql5mwq2yzf2hbsvmsjx4ylqdq