Cristina Iulia, Timofti, Constanţa Dumitriu, Monalisa Gavriluţ
Journal of Innovation in Psychology, Education and Didactics   unpublished
From a theoretical perspective, the study undertakes a synthesis of the main aspects that currently delineate the phenomenon/issue of creativity: conceptual delimitations, models of approaching creativity, creativity stages and levels of creativity, methods and devices for creative learning. On this basis, we have designed an applied research that aimed at the following objectives: to know the initial development level of students' creative potential; to apply some creative learning strategies
more » ... earning strategies in order to develop students' creative potential; to evaluate the progress made by the students during and at the end of the formative training. The research has been conducted by using several methods and instruments: the psycho-pedagogical experiment and the Test of productive creativity. The analysis of the data obtained during the research confirms the general hypothesis and the specific hypotheses regarding the efficiency of the formative training that has been designed and developed for primary school students. There have been emphasized formative values of the didactic activities and strategies used, which have focused upon diagnosing and developing the creative potential of each student. Research data can be turned to profit in optimizing the didactic activities with primary school students, through the promotion of some methods and procedures of creative learning, as well as in the activities for teaching staff professional training.