Tutti i possibili noi stessi. Schermi per identità alternative e sé virtuali da Asimov a Black Mirror

Donatella Boni
The article deals with chance, fate and free will in twentieth and twenty-first century fiction (short stories, movies, tv series). It examines fantastic narratives, where screens can show sequences from the past, from the future or from a parallel, alternative and virtual present. Recently, internet, instant messaging, social networks have added new dimensions of reality in our experience and new themes in fiction on fate and free will, life and death, time and memory. Internet now contains
more » ... net now contains countless "new possibilities," including many possible identities for us, existing, yet to be created or to be bequeathed to posterity. New types of fictional writing are probably about to be invented, so as new types of reality are coming our way.
doi:10.13136/2281-4582/2020.i15.726 fatcat:wjj76qt7hbgolba2fhz5anbuai