Malay Single Sentence Parser

Muhammad Iqbal Nordin, Noor Hafhizah Abd Rahim
2019 Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Journal of Undergraduate Research  
Parser is a process of classifying sentence structures of a language. Parser receives a sentence and breaks it up into correct phrases. The purpose of this research is to develop a Malay single sentence parser that can help primary school students to learn Malay language according to the correct phrases. This is because research in Malay sentence parsing has not gotten enough attention from researchers to the extent of building parser prototypes. This research used top-down parsing technique,
more » ... d grammar chosen was context-free grammar (CFG) for Malay language. However, to parse a sentence with correct phrase was a difficult task due to lack of resources for obtaining Malay lexicon. Malay lexicon is a database that stores thousands of words with their correct phrases. Therefore, this research developed a Malay lexicon based on an article from Dewan Masyarakat magazine. In conclusion, this research can provide help to the primary school students to organize correct Malay single sentences.
doi:10.46754/umtjur.v1i3.82 fatcat:qwluc5qhebdvvbqrhv43ixt544