On sources of error in determination of nitrogen by soda-lime, and means for avoiding them

W. O. Atwater
1889 The Analyst  
Cont inzcec-l from page 5 9 .) From these results, as well as from consideration of what is known of dissociation in general, it is evidently impossible to predicate anything definite regarding the amount of decomposition that would take place at a given temperature in a glass tube containing soda-lime and such a complex mixture of gases as occur in an ordinary combustion. I regret the lack of facilities which prevented determinations of the temperature at which the combustions in these
more » ... nts were made ; but 80 far as one can judge from obaervation, I should say that what I have here designated as "medium heat " or 6' usual heat," namely, that in which the combustion tube is dull red and the soda-lime yellowish, is about that a t which combustions are very commonly made in the laboratories where I am acquainted.
doi:10.1039/an8891400076 fatcat:wn7kgplphjfk5alv77qxi2lsla