The attraction between a flexible filament and a point vortex

Silas Alben
2012 Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
We determine the inviscid dynamics of a point vortex in the vicinity of a flexible filament. For a wide range of filament bending rigidities, the filament is attracted to the point vortex, which generally moves tangentially to it. We find evidence that the point vortex collides with the filament at a critical time, with the separation distance tending to zero like a square root of temporal distance from the critical time. Concurrent with the collision, we find divergences of pressure loading on
more » ... pressure loading on the filament, filament vortex sheet strength, filament curvature and velocity. We derive the corresponding power laws using the governing equations.
doi:10.1017/jfm.2012.78 fatcat:agjpf5ibuzbl3iu2v5fvgsdzje