Improvement in SNR by Adaptive Range Gates for RCS Measurements in the THz Region

Pang, Zeng, Yang, Deng, Wang, Qin
2019 Electronics  
One of the major concerns in radar cross-section (RCS) measurements is the isolation of the target echo from unwanted spurious signals. Generally, the method of software range gate is applied to extract useful data. However, this method may not work to expectations, especially for targets with a large length-width ratio. This is because the effective target zone is dependent on the aspect angle. The implementation of conventional fixed range gates will introduce an uneven clutter signal that
more » ... ds to a decline in signal-to-noise ratio. The influence of this uneven clutter signal becomes increasingly severe in the terahertz band, where the wavelength is short and the illumination power is weak. In this work, the concept of adaptive range gates was adopted to extract a target echo of higher accuracy. The dimension of the range gate was determined by the angle-dependent radial projection of the target. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed method, both experimental measurements and numerical simulations were conducted. Noticeable improvements in the signal-to-noise ratio at certain angles were observed.
doi:10.3390/electronics8070805 fatcat:cfvtuqkgrvdf5n3mxxzuka37fa