Idiegbeyan-Ose Jerome, Okoedion Innocent, Nwadioha Eunice
2014 International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research   unpublished
This work investigated the information needs and utilization by science and technology researchers in Edo and Delta state Nigeria .Data were collected through through the use of questionnaire and were analyzed using percentage method. The findings revealed that science and technology researcher needs information for their research work, for general knowledge and so on. It was also revealed that text books , professional journals, internet reference materials, abstract and index are sources of
more » ... formation for these set of people. It was also discovered that lack of time, unavailability of relevant information materials, lack of time and fund to source for information are the problems thjat science and technology faces in their search for information. Based on these findings, recommendations and conclusion were made. ..................................................................................................................... Introduction The survival of science and technology depends on research. In other words, research is the live wire of science and technology. The way to deepen and widen one's existing knowledge is through scientific research. Science is that branch of knowledge that requires systematic study which is known as scientific method and knowledge of the natural or physical phenomenon. In the field of science, the major activity is experimentation.. According to Ogunrombi and Marama (1998), information need is absolutely necessary to the management of information centres/libraries. Information becomes useful only when it is packaged in the right format; delivered to the right user at the right time. Adewumi (2003) submits that information needs vary with users, time, purpose, location, alternatives available and so on. Laloo (2002) submits that since scientists are involved in research and development, their information needs also revolve around these activities. Scientist needs information at every stage of his research work; for the time that the generation of an idea sprouts in his mind to the time of its taking shape. Kaniki (2003) argues that in order to provide relevant information, there is the need to understand the various needs of the different stakeholders in research and the context within which they operate. He also stressed that information needs even among people, organization and countries of the "same" group or class will vary due to different factors such as education, economic status, geographical location, availability of information systems and services, (Kaniki, 2003). Statement of the Problem The role that science and technology plays in socioeconomic life of developing nations makes it necessary to find out the actual information needs of scientists and technologists. In Nigeria. As cited by Adimorah (1993), there have been lamentations by different researchers that there is need for empirical research into the information needs of scientists and technologists. researchers in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria.