Studies on the Changes in Respiratory Metabolism in the Cut Region of Etiolated Vicia faba Epicotyl
ソラマメ の上胚軸の切断部にみられる呼吸系の変動

1968 Shokubutsugaku Zasshi  
When the cut surface of the etiolated epicotyl of Vicia faba was supplied with IAA, an active cell division was observed to occur in the cut region both in the dark and in the light. Changes in respiratory metabolism in the cut region were followed after the cut surface was supplied with IAA or was not treated with IAA (control) and the following results were obtained. 1) Respiratory quotient was close to unity through the experimental period both in the IAA treated and the control epicotyl. 2)
more » ... ontrol epicotyl. 2) There was no significant difference in malonic inhibition rate between the IAA treated and the control epicotyl. Under the dark conditions, the inhibition rate of the cut region notably decreased in a day after cutting and was kept at the level thereafter, and under the light conditions, it declined remarkably and was reduced to zero in a few days after cutting. 3) Cs/C1 ratio decreased remarkably in a day after cutting both in the control and in the IAA treated epicotyl under the dark or light conditions. These facts suggest that the pentose phosphate pathway becomes markedly active in the cut region in a rather short time under the dark or light conditions as a result of cutting and that IAA treatment of the cut surface does not change the cutting effect.
doi:10.15281/jplantres1887.81.434 fatcat:3zj2hyhbr5dprbh55rxtehavx4