R. Blackstone
1996 unpublished
Page: 3 of 5 PURPOSE The purpose of this design analysis and calculation is to determine the demand for hot water in the Change House Facility and the selection of a water heater of appropriate size in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code (Section 4.4.1) and U.S. Department of Energy Order 6430.1A-1540 (Section 4.4.2). QUALITY ASSURANCE This analysis is non-Q because it is for a temporary item. The Determination of Importance Evaluation (Reference 5.1) of the Change House Facility has
more » ... e Facility has determined that no cpality assurance (QA) controls are applicable within the context of this analysis. METHOD The method used for the calculations is based on the 1991 Handbook of the American Society of Heating, RefXgerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (Reference 5.2) considering the heaviest demand during employee cleanup. This demand is the shower load which depends on flow rate, total riiurnber of showers, and length of use. The flow rate and length of use are design parameters obtained fiom Reference 5.3,. The number of showers is a result of requirements established by the Uniform Plumbing Code (Section 4.4.l)considering the type of building and occupancy. DESIGN INPUTS DESIGN PARAMETERS Shower Flow Rate = 2 gallons per minute (gpm) (Reference 5.2) Shower Period = 15 minutes (Reference 5.2) Number of fixture units = 144 (References. 5.4.1, 5.4.2, and 5.4.3) CRITERIA The plumbing design for the Change House Facility will be designed in accordance with DOE Order 6430.lA (Section 4.4.2) and appropriate state and local codes (ESFDR Sections 3.2.1Q, 3.2.1R and 3.2.1S, Reference 5.5).
doi:10.2172/862349 fatcat:s5xfgt5dprbqxds7pytnb776au