Educational Intervention on Pressure ulcer among Caregivers of Immobilized Patient

Chanda Shrestha, Sanchita Khatiwada
2018 International Journal of Nursing Research and Practice (IJNRP)  
Pressure ulcers is a health problem for people who are physically limited or bedridden, particularly patients with orthopedic and spinal cord injuries. Pressure ulcers remain a major health problem affecting approximately 3-4million adults worldwide. Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of educational intervention on prevention of pressure ulcer among caregivers of immobilized patients. Methodology: Methodology of the present study included a pre experimental hospital based study. 70
more » ... sed study. 70 caregivers of immobilized patient at Nepal Orthopedic Hospital were selected using non-probability purposive sampling technique. Interview technique was used to identify knowledge on prevention of pressure ulcer among caregivers before and after educational intervention. Results: 31% of caregivers were aware that pressure ulcers are easier to prevent than to treat in pretest and 59% in posttest. Regarding management, pretest and posttest percentage were 32.5% and 60% respectively. 37.1% of caregivers knew the importance of nutrient in prevention of pressure ulcer in pretest and 75% in posttest. Likewise pretest an d posttest score regarding prolonged rest and sleep as a cause of bedsore were 55.2% and 90% respectively. Nearly half of the caregivers were aware about repositioning 2 hourly for prevention of pressure ulcer in pretest and 90% in posttest. Conclusion: Among 70 respondents 12.9 % of the caregivers had adequate knowledge, 42.9 % had moderate knowledge and 44.3 % of had inadequate knowledge in pre-test. Whereas, in post-test majority (82.9%) of the respondents had adequate knowledge on prevention of pressure ulcer.
doi:10.15509/ijnrp.2018.5.1.357 fatcat:qzbpbso3wvaanda5roxi4rcamq