Evaluation of Factors Governing the Use of Floating Solar System: A Study on Iran's Important Water Infrastructures [post]

Mohammad Fereshtehpour, Reza Javidi Sabbaghian, Ali Farrokhi, Ehsan Bahrami Jovein, Elham Ebrahimi Sarindizaj
2020 unpublished
The issue of water and energy crisis have been turned into global matters which need to be tackled jointly. Accordingly, floating solar power plants, in which photovoltaic modules are used on the surface of water infrastructures, has recently been attracting much interest. This system provides some additional advantages over the ground-based system such as conserving the land and the water and increasing the efficiency of the module. This study first reviews the relevant literature
more » ... rature comprehensively and then evaluates the potential of using floating solar photovoltaic (FSPV) on some of Iran’s water infrastructures which have experienced a large amount of evaporation every year due to high solar radiation. To this end, the five important dam reservoirs are selected as the representatives of the five important watersheds in Iran, and the advantages of the FSPV plant is analyzed in terms of energy generation, evaporation reduction, economic and environmental aspects considering different coverage percentages of reservoir’s surfaces. Considering Iran's vast potential for solar radiation, and, on the other hand, huge energy demand and critical water situation, results indicated that Iran can effectively harness solar energy through FSPV systems which help conserve the water in addition to support sustainable energy production.
doi:10.20944/preprints202007.0085.v1 fatcat:e4n6h7hz3bgkpfj3dc35flrrs4