Interval-Valued Complex Neutrosophic Soft Set and its Applications in Decision-Making

Faisal Al-Sharqi, Ashraf Al-Quran, Abd Ghafur Ahmad, Said Broumi
2021 Zenodo  
In this paper, the notion of the interval valued complex neutrosophic soft set (IV-CNSS) is defined as a combination of interval valued complex neutrosophic set and soft set. Then, we introduce the IV-CNSS's operations such as union, intersection and complement. To explore the study further, we present some basic operational rules, and investigate their properties. A new algorithm is developed by transforming the interval complex neutrosophic soft values from complex space to the real space
more » ... g a practical formula which gives a decision-making with a simple computational process without the need to carry out directed operations by complex numbers. This algorithm is then applied to evaluate two kinds of a certain product from a manufacturer and choose the most suitable one. IV-CNSS provides an interval-based membership structure to handle the uncertain data. This feature allows decision makers to record their hesitancy in assigning membership values which in turn best catch the obscurity and the complexity of such data.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4568742 fatcat:hgwxo5dl3bfvrlfvczf2xxegkq