Switching characteristics of MCT in resonant DC link soft-switching power converters

W. Pathomkasikul, D.S. Zinger, M.E. Elbuluk, L. Xu
Conference Record of the 1992 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting  
Phone (216) 972-7649 FAX (2 16) 972-6487 Absfrucl -The hlOS controlled thyristor (3lC-r) is D power device that shows proniise of having very high power densities with simple control circuitry. Because of the capability of achieving low loss and high switching frequencies with resonant dc link converters, it i s important to characterize the behavior of the MCT in these circuits. Simulations and experiments are performed using an MCT in both zero voltage switching and zero current switching
more » ... rrent switching resonant converters. A comparison of the results of these tests is given.
doi:10.1109/ias.1992.244413 fatcat:l5ccjuu7ojgevf6ynkwnx6zho4