The Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano [chapter]

J. Mienert, J. A. Dowdeswell, J. Taylor
2003 European Margin Sediment Dynamics  
A long-term observatory for mud eruptions (LOOME) was positioned for a year on the HMMV. The HMMV expels methane-rich fluids by active mud volcanism. The HMMV has a diameter of 1500 m and consists of three concentric habitats: a central area with very soft warm mud originating from subsurface sediments, a surrounding area covered by white mats of sulfide oxidizing bacteria, and a peripheral area with hydrates colonized by symbiotic tube worms. Several studies have shown that the high upflow
more » ... the high upflow velocity of porewater in the central area controls the anaerobic microbial process rates. Measurements with temperature loggers showed that the volcano has periods of increased activity in an area of at least 50 m in diameter. Our observatory consisted of sensing units that measured (1) temperature and seismics deep in the sediment, (2) dynamics of temperature and chemistry at the sediment surface, and (3) units measuring in the water column (time lapse camera, CTD and scanning sonar). It was deployed July 26, 2009, and recovered September 27, 2010. Intensive auxiliary biogeochemical and microbiological measurements were performed before and after the deployment. The data and bathymetric maps showed that several eruptive events occurred along with massive movements of mud. We will integrate all available data, and present an overview of the events leading to and following a sudden eruption. Insight in the mechanisms and frequency of such events are important in understanding the process of mud volcanism and the development of the biological filters against methane emission. NOMENCLATURE AOM anaerobic oxidation of methane AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle CTD Conductivity, temperature and depth logger HMMV Hakon Mosby Mud Volcano LOOME Long-term Observatory On Mud-volcano Eruptions OBS Ocean Bottom Seismometer ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle
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