Properties of Boolean networks and methods for their tests

Johannes Georg Klotz, Ronny Feuer, Oliver Sawodny, Martin Bossert, Michael Ederer, Steffen Schober
2013 EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology  
Transcriptional regulation networks are often modeled as Boolean networks. We discuss certain properties of Boolean functions (BFs), which are considered as important in such networks, namely, membership to the classes of unate or canalizing functions. Of further interest is the average sensitivity (AS) of functions. In this article, we discuss several algorithms to test the properties of interest. To test canalizing properties of functions, we apply spectral techniques, which can also be used
more » ... o characterize the AS of functions as well as the influences of variables in unate BFs. Further, we provide and review upper and lower bounds on the AS of unate BFs based on the spectral representation. Finally, we apply these methods to a transcriptional regulation network of Escherichia coli, which controls central parts of the E. coli metabolism. We find that all functions are unate. Also the analysis of the AS of the network reveals an exceptional robustness against transient fluctuations of the binary variables. a
doi:10.1186/1687-4153-2013-1 pmid:23311536 pmcid:PMC3605186 fatcat:5kcexsc3crfbbmjmcmex6qihn4