Optic Disc Drusen Associated with Optic Nerve Tumors

Kyoung Min Lee, Jeong-Min Hwang, Se Joon Woo
2015 Optometry and Vision Science  
Purpose. To propose a theory based on clinical observation, namely, whether axonal distress induced by optic nerve tumors could be a triggering factor for optic disc drusen (ODD) formation. Case Reports. A 28-year-old woman with ODD and optic disc melanocytoma, a 53-year-old woman with ODD and optic nerve meningioma, and a 29-year-old woman with ODD and optic nerve glioma underwent comprehensive ophthalmologic examinations including spectral-domain optical coherence tomography, swept-source
more » ... y, swept-source optical coherence tomography, visual field tests, color vision tests, and complete neurologic examinations including brain magnetic resonance imaging. In two cases, unilateral ODD existed on the same side of optic nerve tumors. In the bilateral case, the nerve that contained the tumor had ODD that were located more deeply and on both nasal and temporal sides of the optic nerve compared with the contralateral eye. In two cases, optic disc edema (ODE) was also present, and ODD persisted after ODE resolved. Conclusions. Optic nerve tumors can trigger the formation of ODD, which suggests that ODD pathogenesis involves axonal flow distress in the optic nerve. The presence of asymmetric ODD and ODE may indicate the presence of an optic nerve tumor. (Optom Vis Sci 2015;92:S67YS75)
doi:10.1097/opx.0000000000000525 pmid:25811268 fatcat:s2oihgokjzaezo2hzvsyryij2i