Planetesimal Disk Evolution Driven by Planetesimal-Planetesimal Gravitational Scattering

R. R. Rafikov
2003 Astronomical Journal  
We investigate the process of an inhomogeneous planetesimal disk evolution caused by the planetesimal-planetesimal gravitational scattering. We develop a rather general approach based on the kinetic theory which self-consistently describes the evolution in time and space of both the disk surface density and its kinematic properties -- dispersions of eccentricity and inclination. The gravitational scattering of planetesimals is assumed to be in the dispersion-dominated regime which considerably
more » ... implifies analytical treatment. The resultant equations are of advection-diffusion type. Distance dependent scattering coefficients entering these equations are calculated analytically under the assumption of two-body scattering in the leading order in Coulomb logarithm. They are essentially nonlocal in nature. Our approach allows one to explore the dynamics of nonuniform planetesimal disks with arbitrary mass and random velocity distributions. It can also naturally include other physical mechanisms which are important for the evolution of such disks -- gas drag, migration, and so on.
doi:10.1086/345969 fatcat:7dbglfa3xrdddlhz2k4w2zsecq