Simulation and Experiment of SF6/N2 Mixed Gas Distribution in High Vertical Drop GIL

Wei Liu, Zhenxi Su, Xinghua Zhang
2021 IEEE Access  
Dielectric breakdown of a vertical Gas insulated transmission line (GIL) caused by demixing of the mixture of SF 6 /N 2 is studied by both theoretical simulation and the experimental measure. The mechanism and the threshhold of the demixing is addressed quantitatively. The potential risk of the segregation of the molecules by forming dimer or trimer under the high voltage is excluded by the quantum mechanics simulation in microscopic scale and the molecular simulation in mesoscopic scale. In
more » ... scopic scale. In macroscopic scale, the distribution of the mixture depending on the length of the tube is computed by the statistical physics quantitatively. INDEX TERMS Experiment, separation of gas blend, SF 6 /N 2 mixture, simulation.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3065071 fatcat:3dnwz2bmbbb47i37xvbo5qqolm