Avionics product line software architecture flow policies

D.C. Sharp
Gateway to the New Millennium. 18th Digital Avionics Systems Conference. Proceedings (Cat. No.99CH37033)  
A reusable avionics logical software architecture developed at Boeing is described separately 1 . The logical architecture presented therein addresses static software design issues such as decomposition, interface definition, and software component relationships. Another architectural view is the physical architecture which focuses on dynamic aspects of program execution. A core physical architecture element concerns the flow of control (i.e. execution) and data through the system. The control
more » ... ystem. The control and data flow methods supported and/or preferred within a system prescribe the system's "flow policies". These policies significantly impact the performance, distributability, reusability, and maintainability of a system. This paper describes aspects of the flow policies considered and in place for the subject software architecture. The policies are compared and contrasted with those of traditional message passing systems. Supporting rationale is given for the alternatives selected, and their impact on the resulting system is described.
doi:10.1109/dasc.1999.822052 fatcat:iranrtrwerddjjsmquh3u5xyum