1853 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
1 L. PERISCOPIC REVIEW. 48 NATITA XICA, t PHARMACY, AN THUAPIUIC. UNBLEACHED DISULPHATE OF QUININE. Under the name of " Hospital Sulphate of Quinine", an unbleached sulphate or disulphate has been introduced into the drug market. It is prepared by Mr. Edward Herring, and is sold by Hulle, of Trinity-street, Southwark, London. In the advertisements, it is stated to be at least as pure, and 20 per cent. cheaper than the white salt. The following is the account which the proprietor gives of the
more » ... tor gives of the substance. He says:-"The ciystalline form is; the same, and is in every respect identical with the usuial white article, with the exception of the. one being bleached and the other unbleached. In refining the white, or bleached article of coinmerce, by the usual ag,ency of animal charcoal, the sulphluic acid acts uipon the lime of the charcoal, and great care is nectssary to preclude the inadvertent contamination of sulphate of limle. The " hospital", or unbleached sulphate of quinine, is prepared without the aid of aDimaal charoal, rendering the presence of salts of charcoal imipossible. The peculiar mode of preparing both the sulphates of quinine of this establishlment is being patented, anid therefore tlhe process of' lmaufacture will be made public." We have examined a specinmen of the unbleached, or " hospital" sulphate, which was forwar(le(d to us by Mr. Hiille, ald we can report in its favour. Save the merest trace of inor-anic colouring matter, it contains no foreign substance. It ditffrs in aspect from the pure colourless disulphate, its crystals being larger and denser. Not having made a quantitative examination, we cannot say whethler the preparation be a sulphate or a disulphate; but we are satisfied that it consists only of quinine, sulphuric acid, water, alnd a traee of colouring matter, and that it is there-
doi:10.1136/bmj.s3-1.2.43 fatcat:sqj46qyu5bfxlmwtb34oj4qmem